We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy at all costs, and in this regard, we have established a comprehensive privacy policy to strictly maintain the confidentiality of our customers’ data and information. When collecting data and information from our customers for the purpose of providing our services, we are committed to always remaining clear, clear and transparent.

In this Privacy Policy, our customers are referred to as “customers,” “users,” “members,” “account holders,” “merchants,” “he,” “she,” “they,” and “it,” either in the plural or singular . Likewise, Bthebankai  is referred to in this document as “Bthebankai  ”, “Broker”, “Brokerage Service Provider”, “Trading Platform”, “Trade Facilitator”, “we” and “we”.

Our Privacy Policy covers all data and information that we collect, request or request from our customers. In addition, the Privacy Policy also covers the aspect of sharing of data and information and how we use such information and data, and in particular with whom we may or may not share such information and data. The Policy also contains processes and procedures consistent with the Privacy Policy, including procedures relating to changes, modifications and alterations made to existing information and data. Similarly, the Privacy Policy also contains the procedures we use to ensure the protection of our customers’ data and information.

This data protection policy is an integral part of Bthebankai  general terms and conditions and stands alongside them.

You acknowledge that Bthebankai  collects the data and information we need during the registration process to ensure the provision of our brokerage services. This data is also collected in particular to enable you to access our brokerage services, trading platforms, tools, resources and functions.

In the event that we discover any information and data that is insufficient or incorrect, or that you refuse to provide it, we reserve the right to refuse or suspend our services to you, either temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. You are entitled to use some of our features without providing any or all of your information or data. Within the scope of this Privacy Policy, we are entitled to process the information and data that you have provided to us.

This privacy policy applies to all of our services, facilities, tools, resources, features, applications and software, including our website. In particular, this Privacy Policy does not apply to those practices that Bthebankai  does not engage in and those that are outside the scope, control and reach of Bthebankai , or to persons who are neither part of Bthebankai  nor in agreement with us. Likewise, this Privacy Policy does not apply to data and information belonging to the founders, directors, management, staff, officers or employees of Bthebankai  . However, should any of them decide to use Bthebankai  services, they are entitled to use our services subject to the application of our Privacy Policy.

Data and information collection

The data and information we collect from our customers is collected using various methods. The primary source for collecting information and data is, for example, our trading platform that you use or communications between you and us, including our offices and authorized employees, etc. The information and data is also collected from third-party sources, as well as through surveys, customer feedback and raised by any means necessary.

The information we seek also includes the provision of personal information at an individual level by all of our customers. For the sake of clarity, we would like to explain that any information that helps to identify the user is “personal information”. Personal data includes your full name, your gender, your office and home addresses, your age, your mobile and telephone numbers, your email address or other contact details. In addition, your financial and asset statements, your bank details, your social security number, your ID card, your passport, utility bills, etc. can prove your identity and are therefore also part of your personal data.

You must be aware that we require such information and data for identification and to conduct AML and KYC background checks. More importantly, we guarantee our services once someone has sent us a properly completed registration form and deposited the initial deposit amount into a trading account. For the purpose of registration and to fulfill the initial deposit obligation, we are entitled to collect such information and data from our customers.

We accept oral and documentary evidence to verify the identity of our customers. However, we reserve the right to confirm the evidence by any means necessary. In this context, we reserve the right to request documentary evidence before offering your membership or even after registration, particularly with regard to your identification. As proof, you must provide us with documents such as the front and back of your utility bills, credit or debit cards, ID cards, social security cards, passports, financial, asset and bank statements, etc.

We are entitled to take all measures and apply the best security standards to ensure the security of your information and data. We are not responsible in the event that the data is stolen or misused, or if there is fraud, or if it is hacked through no fault of Bthebankai . This privacy policy requires us not to disclose your data and information to third parties, whether intentionally or unintentionally, without your consent, unless the data and information has been requested by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Only the customer or Bthebankai  or our authorized personnel is authorized to access the data. You are responsible for notifying us if your data or information has been changed, modified or altered. We reserve the right to store and process your data and information in the original or in copy on our local servers and storage media.

You have the right to refuse or grant access to the cookies or restrict them according to your needs. Cookies are part of our website through which we identify our merchants and visitors.

Mobile commerce policy

In principle, this data protection declaration in its existing form also applies to the Bthebankai mobile trading app, which represents a value-added service that enables convenient access to our platform. However, there are some differences between the general policy and the mobile commerce policy.

When installing our mobile trading app, our app asks for permission to access your mobile device. It is at your discretion whether to accept, reject or limit the permissions to some extent. Below are the approvals we obtain for mobile trading:

Installing the app
Accessing storage
Accessing the microphone
Media storage
Accessing contacts
Accessing the Internet

If you don’t need the app, you can use our web trading platform. If you have downloaded the app but no longer want to use it, you can delete it using the Uninstall button.